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Declutter And Organize Your Home For Spring Cleaning

Spring is the season of decluttering! We know you’re tired of looking for things you can’t find. And, because of that, we gathered some tips on how to declutter and organize your home for spring cleaning.

Get ready to relieve some stress. Turn on your favorite music playlist, and spend some time making your home feel like home again!


Some people are hoarders and are very reluctant to get rid of anything. For them, decluttering can be an even more difficult task.

Even if you’re not a hoarder, you can sometimes catch yourself keeping things you don’t need. Physical clutter creates mental clutter, and you don’t have time for that.

The first step to decluttering is getting rid of things that are of no use to you. That’s when the following tips come in handy!


Grab a box and go around collecting all the items that are on surfaces and floors. After that, put those items in their respective places to start organizing room by room. That way, you won’t have a toy on the kitchen floor when your focus is to declutter the kitchen.

If you don’t have a place for an item, it’s time to think if that item is really something you need. Don’t hold on to it because you think you might use it down the road. Chances are you won’t.


To focus your decluttering and organizing efforts, start determining the purpose of the room you’re about to declutter. That will help you have a clear vision of what should be in that room, and what shouldn’t.

Spending a few hours organizing one space can motivate you to go on to the next space. This alleviates the frustration of having to organize your whole house at once.

Don’t beat yourself up if you run out of energy after decluttering and organizing the first room! You can always take it from there the next day.  


Separate your clutter in three piles; the first pile for the ones you want to keep. The second pile for the ones you can donate/sell. And the third and last pile for the ones you’re getting rid of.

When you donate, sell or re-use, you’re helping to make less trash and therefore helping the environment. The donation can be made to an institution like Habitat for Humanity, Covenant House or Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter. You can also go through the pile of things you’re getting rid of to separate what you can recycle.


Now that you have decided the fate of those random things you’ve been keeping, it’s time to actually take them out of your house.

Don’t keep bags or boxes in your home to deal with it later. Finish the process! If you’re donating or giving something to someone, keep it in your car until you make arrangements to deliver it.


When you’re done with your organization, it is time to treat yourself to a professional cleaning service; after all, you’ve been working so hard!  AspenClean provides 100% natural professional cleaning, you’ll feel good about your home and the environment!

Now you have a new mission: buy consciously, always keeping in mind the impact of your actions on the environment. And, if you like to clean your home yourself, check out our 100% Natural Cleaning Products!

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