| Dec 11, 2018 5:00:00 AM

Giving Back at Christmas

Supporting communities through donations



Christmas is coming soon! It's time to celebrate this special holiday with your friends and family. It's also the season to be thankful and grateful for what you have. This is the perfect time to show your gratitude by giving back to those in need.

AspenClean is committed to supporting communities in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto by donating food as well as our cleaning products during the month of December. AspenClean is also organizing donation collection in all three cities with the special help of our customers.

Here is the list of organizations AspenClean is helping with food and cleaning products donations this year for Christmas:

Vancouver: Ray Cam Community Centre

Calgary: Calgary Food Bank

Toronto: Daily Bread Food Bank

Our customers with service scheduled before December 15th can donate food (Toronto and Calgary) and other items (Vancouver only). Our cleaning teams will be collecting the generous donations and deliver them to the above mentioned organizations in time to hand them out to those in need for the holidays. If you don't have an AspenClean service scheduled before December 15th, you can bring them into our offices before said date, or you could always donate food and other items to the charity or community project of your choice.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to contribute with donations to your local community and help needed people to have a happy Christmas!

Besides contributing with donations, here is a list of other actions you can take during the holiday season:

  • Volunteering: Many organizations dedicated to help communities in need organize several events during the holiday season. You will have the opportunity not only to help other people but also to make good connections. It’s also an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge.

  • Hold a Charity event: If you like to host parties and event, why not organizing a holiday charity event? You can invite your friends, family and neighbours and ask them for contributions from a pre-selected list or even a monetary donation.

  • Support homeless people: Treat a homeless person to a hot meal, give them a blanket, a warm jacket, even a pair of warm socks

  • Donate your clothes: Empty your closet of all the clothing items you haven't worn in ages, and know you won't be wearing ever again; give it to an organization which will supply them to those in need

  • Be Kind and Smile: You have probably heard already that smiles are contagious. Smiling and being kind is one of the simplest ways to give back during Christmas season.

Don't forget our four-footed friends during Christmas Season!





AspenClean is always thinking about our four footed friends. Our cleaning products are 100% natural, therefore they contain no toxic ingredients and are safe for use around pets.

We are proud to support the BC SPCA by donating $10 for each Gift Certificate purchased from AspenClean in December. The BC SPCA rescues animals from abuse and works to protect and enhance the quality of life for all animals in B.C.

An AspenClean gift certificate is a perfect and original present for the holiday season - after all, who wouldn't want to have a professional and friendly team come in and clean the home from all the Christmas mess, with toxin free and eco-friendly cleaning products? And at the same time, with your purchase of a Gift Certificate you will also be helping animals through our BC SPCA donation.

You can buy AspenClean Gift Certificates here.

You can also help animals with very simple measures:

  • Donate food, blankets, toys or money to animal shelters: Most of us usually only think about donating to organizations dedicated to people during the Christmas season. However, we can’t forget that animals also need all kind of support.
  • Work as a volunteer dog walker: Besides helping dogs that are not able take walks regularly, there is nothing better than seeing the happy faces when arriving with the leash. You will have a lot of fun doing it!
  • Donations: You can donate to vets and organizations who offer free vet services to pets of the homeless or low-income Vancouverites (e.g.  Roxy's Relief)
  • Buy blankets and give to the homeless for their pets: Although most of the people believe pets are protected from cold because of their fur, they also need blankets to survive the cold weather (especially during winter time)