Green Cleaning Your Workout Equipment

Cleaning Tips, Promoting Health | Aug 18, 2018 2:59:00 PM

We love to get a little sweaty. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of a crushing a good workout, whether it be a power yoga class, an early morning spin, the late night 10 k, or just lifting some satisfyingly heavy weights. We all know the benefits of regular exercise, but what we may all be a little guilty of is how we keep our equipment healthy and clean.

Lets go over how you can make green clean your workouts.

Yoga Mats

cleaning yoga mat

Getting zen and bendy can come with an added side of sweaty side effects. After every yoga class you’ll want to wash your mat to avoid the growth of bacteria and yeast. Now for most mats the best option is to use a spray that include essentials oils such as tea tree oil lavender, and wipe with a light microfiber cloth. However, if the mat is water absorbent, like lululemon’s the mat, your cleaning instructions may vary. Instead of essential oil sprays, some of those mats need a gentle wash in water using non-scented soap or baking soda. Keep an eye out for your mats cleaning instructions when you purchase it. 

Get A Better Bottle 

metal water bottle

You know that plastic water bottle you love so much? You need comes to terms that it’s time to end the relationship. The plastic used in the production of the majority of water bottles contains Bisphenol A (or BPA) which mimics estrogen in the body. This chemical can be harmful to babies or children, which is why it was banned in baby bottles. The replacement for BPA is BPS (Bisphenol S) and is just as problematic. Bacteria also tends to hold on more aggressively on these plastics.

Go green with glass or steel. These water bottles are easy to clean and won’t warp with heat. Put some white vinegar in the dishwasher with these bottles and you’re right on the green train.

Clean your gear 

green clean your gym bag

Dirty, dark, (and moist) gym bags are great for fungi. They grow in the interior of those bags, so how do you keep these clean and green? There are several ways. Instead of putting your used gym strip back into your bag, put them in a reusable bag, and empty it and the bag directly into the washer with half a cup of white vinegar and a few drops of lemon essential oil.

Don’t forget about your shoes! Like your clothes, slip them into a reusable bag before throwing them into your gym bag. Once you get home, use AspenClean All-Purpose Spray to naturally disinfect, scrub them with a cleaning toothbrush, and dry them with a course microfiber cloth.

Shower smarter

hygienic gym practices

Your body is the most important piece of all your workout equipment. If you decide to take a quick shower at the gym or after a class, make sure you bring a thin layer of flip flops to protect your feet from fungi that grows in these conditions. Wash these flip flops every week with a tea tree oil or lavender based spray, like AspenClean’s All Purpose Spray.

Be safe and healthy getting your sweat on this spring!

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