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Last-Minute Guest Room Cleaning Checklist

If the news of last-minute overnight guests sends you on a guest room cleaning frenzy, then this guest room cleaning checklist is perfect for you.

We understand that every gracious host wants to present a clean and welcoming guest room to their visitors. But unexpected guests will mean that you’ll be pressed for time. This checklist will help you focus and get the important tasks done in no time.

How Do I Make My Guest Room Comfortable?

The key to a comfortable guest room is to make it feel as accommodating as possible. This means no clutter, enough room for personal belongings, a clean space and a few homey details.

If you have plenty of time to prepare for your guests’ arrival, then we would recommend giving your guest room a thorough deep clean. But because our guest room cleaning checklist is all about working with limited time, we separate tasks into necessities and nice-to-haves.

For tips on how to make the rest of your home presentable in a flash, see our quick cleaning tips for unexpected guests article.

Step One: Make Sure Your Guest Room is Decluttered

Spare rooms tend to bear the brunt of useless clutter gathered from other parts of the home. You don’t want your guests to feel like they are staying in a storeroom so you should clear it out.


If you really have no time, put the clutter in a laundry basket (or two) and put it in your room to deal with later.


  • Bed is free of clutter
  • Bedside table is free of clutter
  • All visible surfaces are free of clutter
  • There is room for a luggage bag


  • Space in the closet to hang clothes
  • A foldable luggage rack

Step Two: Collect Dust and Dirt

A seldom-used space or storage space will collect a lot of dust and dirt – especially if it isn’t cleaned regularly. If you know that your guests are sensitive or have allergies this step is an essential step in guest room cleaning.

Dust and Dirt Cleaning

On the topic of allergies – it’s always a good idea to stay on the safe side and use natural cleaning products. This is because many conventional cleaning products contain allergens and ingredients that can trigger asthma. If you have a pet, make sure you tell your guests before they arrive so that they can be prepared with antihistamines if they are sensitive to pet dander.


  • Open the window and ventilate the room
  • Wipe bedside tables, lamps, headboard and tables
  • Wipe the fan if you think your guests will need it
  • Vacuum the floor


  • Wipe the windowsill and blinds if any
  • Clean the mirror (if you don’t have a mirror, consider this for the future – it’s always nice for guests to be able to have access to a full-length mirror in private)

Step Three: Lay Fresh Linen for your Guests

You should check on the cleanliness of the bed linen before your guests arrive. The last thing you want is to discover a bad smell or layer of dust just before they are ready to turn in.


Check that the sheets smell fresh and are clean. Even unused linen can develop a smell.


  • At the very least, change the flat sheet, pillowcases and fitted sheet
  • Air out the duvet
  • Lay clean towels out


  • Leave a selection of spare blankets with different thicknesses in case they get cold
  • A laundry basket and friendly offer to help them with their laundry if needed

Finish Guest Room Cleaning With These Details

If you’ve made it this far down the list then your guest room should be clean and comfortable. This means that technically, everything listed here is just a nice-to-have. But if you have time to spare then taking the following details into account to make your guests feel at home. Wifi-pawwrod-and-flowers-for-guest
  • Have the wifi password written down
  • Access to a power outlet
  • Water jug and glass in case your guests get thirsty in the night – you could really go the extra mile and include a small snack in case they get hungry
  • Something to read, and if they are from out of town, something about your area would be even better
  • We wouldn’t encourage providing travel-size toiletries for every guest as it is a lot of packaging – but it is a good idea to have spare toiletries on hand in the bathroom (including a bamboo toothbrush or two) in case your guests forgot to pack their own
  • While on the subject of bathroom necessities, make sure extra toilet paper and a plunger are easily accessible. No one likes to ask!
  • A plug-in nightlight for the hallway is also a good idea to help guests find the bathroom or kitchen if needed

How to be More Prepare for Next Time

No one wants to have to rush their guest room cleaning tasks just before guests arrive. Make sure your home is always clean and ready for visitors by using the services of a professional home cleaning company.


You can arrange to have your home cleaned by the natural home cleaning professionals on a regular schedule. Not only will this keep your home (including your guest room) clean, but the price of the cleaning will also be at a cheaper regular rate.

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