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Cleaning Tips for Nightmare Halloween Cleaning

It's that time of year again where we tackle pumpkin stains, sticky fingers, face and costume paint, and worst of all, cleaning up after those Halloween pranksters. To help you with this seasonal mess, AspenClean will let you in on our favourite tricks and treats to scare away the Halloween commotion that's looming.

Pumpkin Stains

One of the first tasks to kick off Halloween traditions is carving jack-o'-lanterns. If you're feeling festive and are planning on carving a jack-o'-lantern, start prepared and it will save you a lot of mess along the way. It's best if you can carve the pumpkin outdoors (weather permitting of course), but if you are doing it indoors lay down some newspaper to catch all the pulp and splatters that come from the pumpkin. That way, the mess can be thrown away with the newspaper making cleaning a lot easier. However, it's almost inevitable that splatters will land on your carpet, floors or clothes and this is where the cleaning begins.


For Halloween carpet stains, remove the pulp and blot the stain dry, but make sure not to rub the stain as it will get further into the carpet fibers. Using a mix of vinegar and baking soda to blot into the carpet will help in removing those tougher stains. For hardwood, ceramic or laminate floors our natural floor cleaner will remove all stains and remaining residue left behind by your crafty jack-o'-lantern.


Sticky Fingers

There is no doubt that Halloween is a day filled with treats, and with all these sugary sweets and chocolate you're going to have a case of sticky fingers on your hands, especially when kids are involved. Light switches, TV remotes, door handles and anything that's within arms reach, means nothing is safe. Our natural all-purpose cleaner will be your treat this Halloween, it's safe and effective on all washable surfaces and will wash away all remnants of the ghoulish season. Better yet you can buy it in concentrate form, which can make you up to 35 bottles of all-purpose cleaner.


Clothes & Costume Stains

The whole essence of Halloween is dressing up. However, dressing up can be quite messy when it involves handcrafted costumes, face paint, glitter, hair dye and really any sort of material you can incorporate into your costumes. For tough stains that you think won't fully wash out in the washing machine, pre-treat the stain with our range of organic laundry detergents by blotting the detergent on the garment and wait 5 minutes. Then throw it into the washing machine, and wash at the fabric's instructed temperature.



As for glitter, it tends to stick to literally everything, it's a cleaner's worst nightmare. Start with vacuuming, you will most likely have to go over the same spots multiple times so prepare yourself for a more intense vacuuming session. Vacuuming works best on glitter in carpets but if it's all over a tile or hardwood floor a broom works better, make sure to wash the glitter from the broom afterwards or the glitter will spread, and your nightmares will get worse. Tape or a lint roller also works pretty well in removing glitter from clothes, the couch or areas that a vacuum can't reach.


Egg Splatters

Unfortunately, Halloween festivities also draw out the pranksters, and as we all know this can lead to eggs being thrown at houses. If you're one of the unlucky ones whose house gets targeted by eggs, the first thing to remember is that the quicker you remove the egg the easier it will be to clean. When egg dries the stains become harder to remove so start by wiping away any excess egg and then take a hose to try to rinse any remaining egg away. Avoid using hot water to rinse the egg because it could end up cooking parts of the egg, making it harder to remove.

If stains are left behind from the egg, try soaking the area with our natural laundry detergent for tough stains or using our all-purpose cleaner to wash away the remainder of the stains on surfaces.


Ask for Help

Halloween's a tricky time that can be full of unexpected treats, so don't be afraid to ask for help when it comes to cleaning your home. AspenClean's green cleaning products and methods will be your best treat this Halloween season.


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