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Easy Weekday Tasks to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Spring is almost here! This means it’s almost time to roll up our sleeves and get cleaning! If the thought of spring cleaning your entire home is daunting, don’t stress. A little effort goes a long way in the lead-up. We share the essential spring cleaning tasks that you can easily tick off this week.


Monday: Spring Cleaning Checklist

Organizing with lists is a good way to take stock of what you need to do. You’ll also get a sense of accomplishment after you check tasks off as ‘done’.

Start by walking around your home and listing the spaces you want to clean. Think about how you can separate big rooms into more manageable sections. For example, you might want to separate your kitchen cleaning into ‘cupboards’ and ‘fridge’. You can also refer to our complete house cleaning checklist for inspiration.
Notebook for planning spring cleaning

Next, make a list of all the cleaning supplies you will need. Some basics include a good vacuum cleaner (preferably with High-Efficiency Particulate Air type filters), cleaning cloths (preferably microfiber), sponges and a mop (again, microfiber if possible). For this, basic soap (like castile soap), baking soda and vinegar will do, but for highly effective natural cleaners the AspenClean Whole House Cleaning Kit is a great place to start!

Be sure to run your current supplies through the Environmental Working Group’s ‘Guide To Healthy Cleaning’ to ensure that you are using cleaners that won’t harm your health. We explain how and why here.


Tuesday: Food Inspection

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you clean the inside of your fridge on a school night! But something relatively easy (and essential) is to inspect contents for spoiled items. Start by getting your compost, recycling and general waste bins ready, as well as a clear table. Then work your way through each shelf and go through all your food containers.

Once this is done, you should be left with a much emptier fridge which will make deep cleaning it a lot easier. If you have space you might want to have an “eat me first” shelf for things that need to be eaten within the week.


Wednesday: Unblock Drains

Unplugging your drains prior to spring cleaning will help your pipes deal with the inevitable deluge of spring cleaning muck. It’s also better to find about any serious clogs now rather than in the middle of your cleaning day!

clean bathroom drain

Use a plunger to dislodge any build-ups. Then pour boiling water down the drain and pump the sink vigorously for roughly 20 seconds using a plunger. If you have a double sink you will need to cover one of the drains while you pump the other. Water should swirl down with ease, but if the sink is still clogged you will need to repeat the steps until it flows.

If you're stuck, pour some natural scouring powder down the drain followed by white vinegar and leave it to sit for roughly 30 minutes. This solution creates a reaction which should help dissolve the blockage. After 30 minutes rinse the drain with boiling water. Remember to only use septic safe products! If the drain still seems clogged, you may have to call in the services of a plumber.


Thursday: Take Appliances Apart

The dirt in our appliances is well-hidden, but deep cleaning them is important for food safety. Unfortunately, during a big day of cleaning, it can feel like one of those tasks that just doesn’t matter. This makes it an excellent candidate for a pre-spring clean task.  

clean kitchen appliances

For your safety, triple check that the appliances you are about to clean are off and unplugged and, after cleaning, that they are completely dry again before use!

Take each appliance apart (as per manufacturer’s instructions) and hand wash the washable components or place them in the dishwasher if applicable.

Things that need a thorough wash include the blender gasket, the blender lid, blender jar, food processor bowl, etc. Wipe up non-washable components such as appliance bases with a natural kitchen cleaner. And don’t forget to shake out the toaster!


Friday: Organize Junk Drawers

We all have that drawer. The home for random bits and pieces that don’t have anywhere else to live. Again, this is one of those jobs that seems insignificant (and easy to hide away) when you’re doing a big day of cleaning. But if left undone, can lead to the accumulation of unnecessary cluttered junk - especially when you are looking for places to put things during your spring clean.

Cleaning your junk drawer can be incredibly cathartic and rewarding. Even better, you can do it while you watch TV! Gather reusable containers such as old glass jars, small boxes or plastic containers that you can repurpose as drawer organizers. Set yourself up in front of the TV (we recommend a little bit of Marie Kondo for inspiration) and get to task.

professional cleaning team with natural cleaning products

After you check these jobs off your list, you’ll find that you’ll already be ahead in your spring clean. They’ll also help make your big clean run smoothly. But if you’ve had all you can handle, you can always call in the assistance of professional cleaners. There’s no easier way to get your spring cleaning done than having experienced experts do it for you!

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