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A Guide to Effective Natural Bathroom Cleaning

Of all the rooms in the house, this is usually the favourite. What’s more appealing than cleaning a room full of hair, soap scum, toothpaste and grout? We have good news, namely a way for that experience to be a green, natural, and eco-friendly breeze.

We think of bathroom cleaning as being on hands and knees, air filled with some sort of bleach mixture and every single germ threatening your hygienic livelihood being wiped out. However, did you know this can be achieved with only three natural ingredients? Keep reading to find out, true believer.

Why The Ingredients Matter

The ingredients are Scouring Powder (like Baking Soda or AspenClean Natural SuperScrub Scouring Powder), Vinegar, and Water. These are resources you are more than likely own, usually in bulk. They save money and reduces environmental damage caused by manufacturing cleaning products and the plastic bottles. These green cleaning ingredients are natural, biodegradable options which will leave no environmental footprint.  

Lets go over the list


In contrast to the popular opinion of dorm rooms, toilets need weekly cleaning. How is this done hygienically while using natural ingredients? Easy.

Pour 150ml of white vinegar into the bowl and let it sit for half an hour. When time’s up, use a scrubbing brush lined with scouring powder and work the inside of that bowl. Sprinkle more scouring powder on any areas that are problematic and start scrubbing. Once finished, flush the bowl.

After completing the bowl, apply scouring powder on a damp microfiber cloth. The microfiber cloth used should have a high thread count and thick body, such as AspenClean Bathroom Microfiber Cloth, to be effective. Use some elbow grease and make that bowl shine. The result is the microfiber will pick up 98% of all bacteria and the powder will dislodge particles stuck on the surface.


Toilet Cleaning with all natural products


Like the toilet, the sink needs a little bit of scouring powder mixed with a damp, thick microfiber cloth to do the job. However, this changes if the sink is marble. Marble is a porous stone and can be damaged quite easily. It can absorb substances used on it surface which can discolour the rock. In this case, there are two options. The first option is to strictly use water and a microfiber cloth. As previously stated, the microfiber will remove 98% of all surface bacteria. The second option is AspenClean Natural Bathroom Cleaner. These cleaners are designed to be used on marble surfaces as it contains no corrosive properties. It is the ideal natural cleaning spray for these delicate surfaces.

Unclogging The Drain

What sounds more fun then pulling out clogs of wet hair covered in grease and dirt from a dirty pipe? It’s ok if nothing pops to mind. Usually we think that the only way we’re getting these messes unclogged is using something like Drain-O or other chemical from your local Shoppers Drugmart. But these products contain chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite, which can cause permanent damage to skin and eyes on contact, and the vapors can burn lungs. Many also contain dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, a severe eye and skin irritant, and dichlorodifluoromethane, a neurotoxic eye irritant.

To prevent drains from ever getting to this point, the only sodium compound needed is sodium bicarbonate, your classic scouring powder.

Every two months, pour 170 grams of scouring powder down the drain followed by 120ml of white vinegar. Immediately seal the drain with a wet cloth or rag and let it sit for about half an hour. During this time, the chemical reaction will break down any blockages starting. Once 30 minutes has elapsed, pour about half a liter of boiling water down the drain to wash away the remnants.


Unclogging Sink with All Natural Product


The best way to tackle the tub is to mix 150 grams of scouring powder with 100ml of water, sprinkled with a few drops of organic tea tree oil. This will create a thick paste powerful enough to tackle this grease. Once its fully mixed, use a scrubbing brush and get to work. Leave the paste for about 10 minutes and use a damp microfiber cloth and remove the residue.

The Floor

Whether it’s tile or wax-free floors, bathroom moisture creates a risk for grout. While it may be tempting, the bleach route is not necessary for floors to be clean and hygienic. All you need for this is a handy microfiber cloth, like the AspenClean Bathroom Microfiber Cloth, 70 grams of scouring powder and a bucket of water.

Mix the scouring powder into a bucket of hot water, and use the microfiber cloth to cover the area of the floor. A little pro tip, add some lemon juice or a touch of lavender essential oil to the mixture, leaving a fresh smelling floor.

If there are extremely problematic areas (such as mold or grout that cannot be removed), follow this alternative natural solution: Mix 70 grams of scouring powder with 50ml of water. This creates a high viscosity paste to be poured on an old toothbrush. Use these tools to scrub the toughest of stains.

Cleaning Bathroom Floor with All Natural Product

The Rest Of The Checklist

While the previous points are the essentials, don’t forget the smaller pieces of your clean. This list will fill in any gaps.

  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Cabinet fronts cleaned
  • Countertops and shelves dusted and/or wiped
  • All surfaces dusted
  • Windowsills and window tracks cleaned
  • Baseboards dusted and/or wiped
  • Doorknobs, doorframes and doors wiped
  • Light switches wiped

This is part of our personal home cleaning checklist. Read the rest here!

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Follow the advice listed above to keep your bathroom clean, green and natural.

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