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Cleaning Properties of Organic Essential Oils

You can’t walk a few steps without tripping over an essential oil diffuser nowadays. While there seems to always be a new use for these wonder oils, one thing they are always great for is efficiently leveling up your green cleaning.

Not only do they smell beautiful, but the properties in these oils which create cleaning magic and are completely safe for your family. Plus these natural organic oils and have long lasting effects.

Here’s our favourite organic essential oils:

Organic Essential Oils

Grapefruit Oil:  Used in our Kitchen Cleaner Spray for a reason. A powerful antibacterial disinfectant by itself; when paired with vinegar it forms one of the best DIY cleaners.

Lavender Oil:  A natural insect repellent. In addition to its cleaning properties, it’s also known to help with skin conditions and sleep problems.

Lemon Oil:  This oil contains antibacterial properties and is a mild astringent. Add a few drops to water and use it to make the wood around your home shine.

Tee Tree Oil: One of the key ingredients in our Super Scrub Powder, this well-known essential oil is a powerful fungicide and great for the mold and mildew which builds up in bathrooms. It also deters lice and other pests 

Rosemary: The perfect Italian oil antibacterial and antiseptic needs

Wild Orange: Not only does it smell great, but the properties of this oil are great for tackling grease or glue that are stuck on countertops.

Eucalyptus: This natural germicide is a powerful dust mite buster.

Peppermint: Not just refreshing but a great repellant for spiders and ants.

Thyme: One of the most powerful essential oils. Great for killing dangerous bacteria such as salmonella. 

If you use essential oils in your cleaning and you think you have some great tips and tricks, let us know at

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