| Feb 11, 2018 11:00:00 AM

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Treat for Your Partner

For Valentine’s day here’s a few things you can do to appreciate the person you have in your life. As professional house cleaners we’re qualified to give this professional advice. Pro Tip: My dad told me that messing up a woman’s towels is the quickest way to a divorce. It’s a lesson you learn quickly when attempting to dry the car off with the bath towels.

1. Make it sparkle

There’s nothing quite like coming home to a house that has that little extra effort. The feeling you get when appliances, countertops and floors shine is pure relaxation. Pro tip: to get that sparkle, use a little AspenClean SuperScrub powder on your appliances and go to work. That stainless steel will look like blue steel.


2. Beard Hair

This is mostly for the men here. When deciding to shave off your Manuary beard, avoid letting it go down the sink. It’s a one-way ticket to getting the drain clog out, and an unhappy bathroom partner. Pro tip: Use a damp rag, vinegar and lemon juice. Not only will it look great, but also smell great.

3. Tune up the vacuum

Did you know that it’s recommended to have your vacuum professionally cleaned once a year? Let’s say you did. Do your partner a favour and bring in cleaning machine for a check up to keep it running smooth and powerful. Pro tip: When you’re doing maintenance on the machine, wipe the inside of the machine with water or mild soap cloth and vacuum clean the pieces which can come out.

4. Dishwash everything

You know that toothbrush holder that you never want to touch? Or the dish drain that has definitely seen better days? Pop them in the dishwasher and let it run. As long as they’re metal, glass, hard plastic or ceramic it’s safe to go in the machine. Do the dirty work that needs to get done. Pro Tip: Pour 1 cup white vinegar into an open dishwasher-safe container (any cup will do). Place it in the top rack of the machine and start the hot cycle. It will leave it fresh, shiny, and ready for action.

5. Upgrade the soap

Want to proactively help with cleaning the shower? Switch all your soaps over to glycerin or vegetable oil-based soaps. These soaps leave far less residue than traditional soaps so that the shower grime is next to nothing. Pro tip: When going to clean the tub, spray on AspenClean Bathroom spray, leave for a minute and start scrubbing away for a grease free shower.

6. If you can see it, you can clean it

It’s all about the details. Inside of the cupboards? Inside the drawer handles? Those lightbulbs in the vanity? All cleanable and all will be appreciated. Pro tip: The areas below eye level are the easiest to miss.

7. Underneath the bed is still floor

This may also be mostly for the men, but the below the bed is not some empty void that nothing resides under. Pro Tip: Use a long nozzle or crevice tool to get into the hard to reach places under the bed. To really wipe down the area tie a damp cloth around a broom and sweep under the bed.

8. Buy a gift card

Sometimes the easy way is the best way. Pro Tip: AspenClean gift cards never expire, and you can buy them directly on our online store. Click here to get your special someone a whole home cleaning that will last longer than any five-star restaurant.

Give your partner the gift of a clean home, and a much needed vacation from stress. It may even be better than chocolate