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Six Times You Really Need a Home Cleaning Service

Having your home regularly cleaned by professionals comes with many perks - more time, lower rates and the bliss of enjoying a well-kept home without getting your hands too dirty. We also understand that a regular professional cleaning schedule isn’t for everyone. Whether you’re a regular service user or a DIY home cleaner, there are situations when professional cleaning services are undoubtedly worth every penny.

Read on to find out when and why a one-off service can make your life a whole lot easier.


Clean Before or After Moving

Summer is the season for moving and our schedule proves that sunny months fill up fast. You should book a professional move in/ move out service as soon as you have a date for your move.

Having the help of a professional cleaning team when you move in or out will ensure you can focus on packing and unpacking - a task which is stressful enough in itself.

packing box for moving home

If you are a tenant, professional cleaners are especially handy when moving out of a rental property. They will ensure that your space is deep-cleaned and well presented for the move out inspection.
Tip: Make sure you move everything out of the house before your cleaning team arrives so that they can clean every nook and cranny without leaving any mess behind. 


Post Construction Cleaning

If you’re renovating your existing home or getting ready to move into a new build, you’ll want to make sure the space is live-in ready. This means thoroughly clearing dust and debris from every surface and crevice.

It’s also important that you seek a natural home cleaning service. This is because conventional cleaners contain chemicals that are harmful to your health and the environment. Services that use natural home cleaning products will ensure that you start off in your new space safely. If you are concerned about the efficacy of natural cleaners, look for testimonials and reviews to find a natural professional cleaning service that works.

When You Deserve a Treat

Keeping a clean home is a big job and one that never really ends. So for special occasions like your birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, why not treat yourself to a break. There is nothing like enjoying your freshly cleaned home without having lifted a finger!


woman relaxing

Not only will you be able to enjoy your fresh nest, but you’ll also be gifting yourself with more time to do the things you love. If you’d prefer to have someone treat you instead, drop the hint by sharing a link to our cleaning service gift certificates!

When Spring Cleaning is Just Not Happening


Spring cleaning is a substantial task. Not just because every room should be thoroughly cleaned, but because it also involves decluttering and organizing. If you’d rather spend more time in the spring sunshine or are just feeling generally overwhelmed by the job, then the assistance of home cleaning professionals for spring cleaning will go a long way.
A cleaning service will allow you to focus on the decluttering ‘Marie Kondo’ aspect of spring cleaning (which is more fun), while the professionals work their magic on getting your home sparkling clean. It’s delegation at its best!

Keeping Your Vacation Rental Clean

If you’re an Airbnb or holiday rental owner that sees a spike in activity over the summer months, then a professional cleaning service can help you keep your business running smoothly.


clean vacation home entryway

A cleaning service that offers detailed short-term rental cleaning services should be professional and dependable. This way, you can eliminate the hassle of staying with your property or watching over the service, and you can even escape for a vacation of your own!

Cleaning to Prepare For a Celebration

Special occasions are a time for friends and family, and if you are hosting, it also means having a clean and well-presented space to gather in.

Whether holiday tradition calls for the home to be cleaned (such as Chinese New Year, Easter or Passover), or you simply want to put your best home forward for your guests; getting help from the professionals will ensure your home is at its best for your special occasion.


holiday table decor for celebration

It will also give you more time to do other tasks (like cooking) or simply spend more time with your loved ones.

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