Essentials Steps For a Smooth Move Out

Essentials Steps For a Smooth Move Out

Moving isn't fun. You Need Help from a House Cleaning Company

We’re not going to sugarcoat it for you. It’s one of the most stressful things we voluntarily do to ourselves. So, what can you do to make your move in/move out the most efficient it can be?

Here’s the essentials for a successful move:


Whether you have 8 weeks or 30 days until the move, take an hour to sit down and organize your thoughts.  Answer some key questions:

  • Do I need movers? If so, do I need insurance?
  • What date is my residential cleaning company available?
  • How am I organizing boxes?
  • What’s not coming with me?
  • Who do I need to notify that I’m moving?

Answering these questions builds a solid foundation of where your head needs to be. Organization will relieve more stress than you can imagine.

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When looking at the big picture, packing will inevitably be overwhelming.  Start compartmentalizing what’s essential.

First and foremost, pack like you’re going on vacation. Put every day necessities, like toiletries and  clothes, in a suitcase. While it may be uncomfortable not having these items in their normal place, you don’t run the risk of them getting packed in an unknown box. Once everything else is zipped up, you can shoot over to your new place and quickly get your necessities unpacked.

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Everything you own may fit perfectly in your current home, but that doesn’t mean your new home will love your furniture as well.

Before you start getting too far down the packing rabbit hole make sure you take a measuring tape with to your new place to map out the space. This includes measuring the hallways and doors which furniture travels through as well.

Whatever doesn’t fit is one less thing to worry about on moving day.

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The idea that you need to purchase specific, specialty boxes for your move isn't true. Instead of perpetuating your carbon footprint, look to see how you can repurpose existing materials.

So where do you get said materials? A good place to start are furniture supply stores. They usually receive a large variety of box sizes in comparison to other retail stores. But don't spring the request on them, call them a week prior to the date you need them.

You can also contact your friends or family to see if they have any former moving supplies hanging around in their homes and storage units.

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Move Out and Move In Cleaning Services

This is the big one. Do not leave this for the last minute. Summer is the season for moving and (take it from us) the end of the month fills up faster than blinking for residential cleaning companies. The second you’ve decided to move is when you should be calling the cleaners. While we’re relatively biased about which company you should choose, if you can’t book the reigning Best House Cleaning Service in Vancouver (voted best over the last 6 years and running), house cleaning service Calgary, or house cleaning service in Toronto, know what to look for when hiring a house cleaning cleaning company, including the importance of companies which are bonded and insured. 

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Here are a few areas that cleaning companies needs to hit for the move.


Most cleaning companies have limitations, dictated by insurance, on how much weight can be moved by their staff. So moving the appliance will be on you, but this oft neglected area is just as important as any area of the kitchen.


Whether there's a corner or room your furry family members prefer, that area has to be pointed out to the cleaning staff as it needs extra love. Make sure the company you hire is pet friendly and uses pet friendly cleaning products.


Some cleaning companies will do a great job of making sure the exteriors of your kitchen and bathroom look beautiful while ignoring the internals. Cleaning the inside of cupboards should be standard for all move out cleans and if not done can add serious hours of your own cleaning if missed.


If you have a free-standing convection oven this can be the dirtiest area of the kitchen you’ve never seen. Like the fridge, you’ll have to pull out the appliance from the wall for the cleaners to get to it.


While not technically a relevant answer, it’s the most important. Get everything out of the house before your cleaning team arrives so that there’s no hidden mess that pops up later.

AspenClean’s Move In/Move Out cleaning services checklist is a great reference for what the essentials are for any move out clean. You can even book a move in cleaning service or move out cleaning service with AspenClean make your move out cleaning a breeze.


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