5 tips for how to find the best cleaning service

5 tips for how to find the best cleaning service


There's definitely a list of things to keep your eyes on when booking a cleaning service. We narrow down the AspenClean Top 5 things to look for when getting your space cleaned. 

Any cleaning company that doesn’t have an office dog should be suspect because a) people who don’t love dogs obviously cannot be trusted and b) if the chemicals in the office aren’t safe for dogs, why are they safe for your home?

If you’ve been following our social media you’ve probably come across Dusty, the adorable, organic food loving, Maltipom. Not just the wannabe office guard dog, he’s also a symbol of our commitment to a 100% green and natural cleaning product. As the only Eco-Cert cleaning service in all North America, our products have zero toxic chemicals and are completely safe to use around pets and children.

If it’s good for Dusty, it’s good for you.



Leo may have waited forever, but usually the best are recognized pretty quickly. Something to look for is consumer based awards, and we’ve got them in spades. Voted as the best cleaning service in Vancouver by the Georgia Straight two years running? Check. Voted product of the year? Check. The elusive and prestigious “A” grade by the EWG? Check and check. It’s important to be critical and listen to your community about environmental matters. The only way we’re going greener is together.


There’s a big difference between an in-house cleaning team and a contracted cleaning team. You probably shouldn’t trust a doctor who demands you to bring your own supplies to surgery, and you probably shouldn’t trust a cleaning team who tells you the same thing.

Our cleaners are trained, bonded, insured and only use our 100% natural cleaning products. Read here why you should use AspenClean cleaning services. They pick use freshly cleaned equipment and cloths every morning and know the ins and outs of every product they’re using. Plus those uniforms are styling.

AspenClean professional cleaner is cleaning the house with feather duster



There are few things more frustrating in this world than being denied an easy answer by customer service.

“Why are there no prices on the menu?”

“We’re a post-price menu”

This is the same with cleaning services. There are far too many services that require you to book an appointment, or even having a service done before they’ll even give you an idea of price. It’s 21st century, let’s get on the ball here, which is what we’ve done here at AspenClean. Knowing a price for a cleaning is as easy as calling our customer care support or visiting our cleaning services page and  clicking “Get a Quote” and entering the information. Simple.


Without customers a business is nothing. It is in everyone’s best interest to be supportive and generous. It’s why at AspenClean we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We want to make sure that the people who use our services are happy, stay happy, and will always be happy with the wonderful teams that come through our offices and into their doors. Book your house cleaning and maid services in Vancouver, Calgary, or Toronto

 AspenClean professional cleaner's uniform


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