How to clean Microfiber Cloths

How to Clean Microfiber Cloths

The AspenClean range is much more than just a collection of cleaning products. It is a complete system designed to work together to help consumers (and AspenClean’s professional cleaning teams) achieve an exceptional clean without compromising their health or the environment. 

Read on to learn why microfiber cloths are an essential part of a natural cleaning toolkit, and how to clean them.



Microfiber cloths take their name from the tiny fibres that they are made of. Each fibre is about a third the diameter of a cotton fibre, which means that the fabric is highly effective at picking up dirt, dust and even bacteria. The dense composition of the fibres also makes them highly absorbent.


AspenClean professional cleaner cleans the house with Natural All Purpose Cleaner and microfiber cloth

Their durability and effectiveness make them a more sustainable choice than disposable cleaning tools such as paper towels, so long as you use premium microfiber cloths.


AspenClean Microfiber Cloths were designed for professional use, so maximum effectiveness and durability was crucial.


clean oven with AspenClean Microfiber Cloth

The product range features a microfiber cloth for general cleaning tasks, cleaning in the bathroom, kitchen, glass and for use as a mop head for a standard mop frame with Velcro. They are colour coded to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and are textured for specialized cleaning.

For example, the Bathroom Microfiber Cloth is woven with nubs for scrubbing without leaving scratches; the All Purpose Microfiber Cloth is soft and slightly textured to perform universal cleaning tasks; the Kitchen Microfiber Cloth has wide grooves to pick up larger scraps in the kitchen; and the Glass Microfiber Cloth is smooth for streak-free cleaning.

AspenClean professional cleaner is using AspenClean Natural Floor Cleaner and Floor Microfiber Mop Head to clean the house

When used with our specialty cleaning products, the considered design of our Microfiber cloths make natural cleaning easier.


AspenClean Microfiber Cloths can be washed and dried daily (as we do in our professional service) for up to two to three years which is the equivalent of about 500 washes.

AspenClean Microfiber Cloths with washing machine

As with most coloured fabrics, it is a good idea to wash the microfiber cloths with dark colours in the first wash in case there is any colour bleed. However, this is generally a good idea as you don’t want any dirt that your cloth has picked up to be transferred onto light or white clothing.
For more efficient washing, shake large debris into the garbage before washing. We have gathered the 10 most common laundry questions here

AspenClean Microfiber Cloths can be washed in any machine at a max of 60 degrees Celsius. Do not wash with fabric softener or bleach. Any synthetic material (including microfiber) has the potential to release some fibers in the wash. For this reason, we recommend washing with a fiber filter or in a washbag that can catch fibers in the machine.

We would also recommend washing your microfiber cloths with natural laundry detergent to ensure that you don’t leave any harmful trace chemicals on the cloth. AspenClean cloths can be air dried or placed in the dryer.


AspenClean professional cleaner is using Natural Glass Cleaner with Microfiber Cloth to clean the bathroom

To minimize the need for washing, use mindfully. AspenClean Microfiber Cloths are larger than most (16x16 inches) which allows for more cleaning with a single cloth. Make good use of the size by folding the cloth and using every inch of it to clean before washing.


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