keep your pets healthy and safe

Cleaning tips that keep your pets healthy and safe


As any pet owner will tell you, you’ll rarely find a better friend than your furry companions.

Which is why it’s so disconcerting that many cleaning manufacturers have little regard for the health and safety of the animals within your home. Ammonia, Chlorine, Glycol Ethers, and Formaldehyde are chemicals that can be commonly found in household cleaning products which are dangerous for humans, and especially harmful in our pets.

Keep your home clean and fresh for you, as well as your furry friends. Instead of the DIY method, all AspenClean products are 100% natural, certified by ECOCERT, have an A grading by the EWG and completely safe for you and your pets.

 The dog is lying on the floor

Here are the top 5 types of products to be careful of when considering the animals in your life.


The danger with floor cleaners are chemicals like ammonia, which is poison for not just your pets, but you as well. Even if you manage to get the residue off, the vapours will linger and can severely hurt your pet if they’re breathed in or ingested.


We’ve been raised to look at chemical glass cleaners as the effective method to make our houses shiny and fresh. But chemicals like ammonia hydroxide can cause burning and irritation to our skin and can cause respiratory failure. Don’t let your furry friends have the chance to breathe this in. Look at natural alternatives such as a vinegar/citric acid/water mix.


Be wary of using chemicals that clean your toilet. We all know how much dogs (or any pets) love to stick their noses in areas you may not expect. The lingering chemicals can cause severe internal damage.


Like bathroom cleaners, you never know where your pets nose will end up. These drain openers release fumes that can stick around much longer than you expect.


Laundry detergent is a product that you may not think of yet is one of the most dangerous to your pet. Chemical based detergents can be harmful to your pets if they get their mouths around clothing and choose to chow down. Look for organic laundry powders that include vinegar and essential oils.  

Check out AspenClean eco friendly laundry detergents to see how you can replace the toxic cleaners in your home with something more sustainable and green.

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