Green Cleaning Services 

Since 2004

Healthy for your family and pets, safe for your septic systems, and the earth - Ecocert certified and rated A by EWG

Green Cleaning Services

Green Cleaning Services

High-quality cleaning, low environmental impact

Our customers are a testament to our commitment to quality work and environmental responsibility. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to back up our service, you can rest assured knowing you get the best every time.

AspenClean's green cleaning mission focuses on natural, eco-friendly maid services. We don’t green wash – our commitment to cleaning with environmentally-friendly methods is as high as our service standards.

AspenClean All Natural Cleaning Products

All Natural Cleaners

What makes our Cleaning Products special?

Our green cleaning products are made from 100% natural ingredients (all of which we list) derived from plants or minerals, and enhanced with organic essential oils for effective yet green cleaning power. Zero toxins, chemical residues or offensive odors allow for cleaner, healthier homes and a greener environment. And, each product in the AspenClean range comes Ecocert Certified, meaning all ingredients are listed and sourced from renewable resources.

Environmentally friendly home cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Home Cleaning

Have you checked out our Green Cleaning Services?

Our green cleaning services will leave your home spotless without using any harmful chemical products. That’s the AspenClean way – a combination of innovative new techniques, time-honored tradition's and some elbow grease!

AspenClean microfiber cloths

Microfiber Cloths

Our Microfiber Cloths are not only green, they are far more effective than traditional cotton or paper towels. Their density means they can pick up a lot more dirt and grime than the alternatives. Microfiber cloths also last longer and offer a more sustainable choice compared to cotton rags and paper towels.

Check the availability of House Cleaning Services

We provide professional cleaning services in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and surrounding regions.

Award winning and environmentally friendly house cleaning services in Toronto where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

You deserve to have your Vancouver home professionally cleaned by our award-winning house cleaning service.

Choose AspenClean for award-winning and eco-friendly house cleaning services in Calgary.

Green carpet care cleaning services

Carpet Care

Did you know about our Carpet Cleaning Services?

AspenClean's carpet cleaning service uses our own custom built, state-of-the-art vacuums that employ a three level filtration system designed to eliminate the most allergens and irritants possible. Get the clean carpet you desire, while also achieving cleaner and healthier indoor air quality in your home.

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