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House cleaning pricing

House Cleaning

Are you searching for House Cleaning Services?

Simply enter your postal code to get an immediate estimate online. All equipment and natural cleaning products used during your green clean are supplied by AspenClean.

AspenClean teams normally consist of three members and you are charged for the exact amount of time our teams clean your home or office (rounded to the nearest five minutes). Our rates can fluctuate depending on the following two variables:

  • The type of natural cleaning service you require e.g. Condo & Apartment Cleaning
  • How long our team takes to complete your appointment

In order to optimize your natural clean, AspenClean has a minimum cleaning time of one hour for a team of three cleaners.

Carpet Cleaning pricing

Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery and Area Rug Cleaning

Are you searching for a natural carpet cleaning service?

For specific rates in your area, you can estimate your cost and book online or call us on 1-855-925-9900. You will be asked for your postal code so that we can provide you with our rates for your location.

We charge based on size of the area that requires carpet cleaning for both apartments and homes.

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We provide professional cleaning services in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and surrounding regions.

Award winning and environmentally friendly house cleaning services in Toronto where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

You deserve to have your Vancouver home professionally cleaned by our award-winning house cleaning service.

Choose AspenClean for award-winning and eco-friendly house cleaning services in Calgary.

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