Microfiber Cloths
The Purest Clean You Can Get!

Use AspenClean Microfiber Cloths together with our natural cleaners to keep your home clean, green and your family healthy.

How does microfiber work? Using friction, static energy and capillary effects, microfiber will trap and remove dust, dirt, oils and bacteria. Learn more about microfiber here.

AspenClean microfiber cloths are specifically designed for use with natural cleaning products. It's easy to clean the AspenClean Way using our matching color-coded system!


All Purpose Cloth

Glass Cloth

Kitchen Cloth

Bathroom Cloth

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All Purpose Cleaner

Glass Cleaner

Kitchen Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaner


Experience the AspenClean Difference! Choose AspenClean natural cleaning products and matching microfiber cloths to create a fresh and clean home free of chemical residues and odors that may affect the sensitive among us, such as young children or pets. Available now online and in select stores across Canada.