| Oct 29, 2017 11:00:00 PM

How To Support Canadian and American Men's Health 

Lets talk about Mo. Or more specifically why the Mo?


On average in North America men die 6 years younger than women. Every hour 45 men die of Prostate Cancer. It’s the second most prevalent cancer in all men and it’s currently on the rise in North America, whether it be from internal or external factors, like the chemicals we surround ourselves with.


This is why the November foundation launched in 2003, to raise awareness around men’s health and to help raise money for research to fight these diseases. In a very simple tool, all that was needed to help raise awareness was to grow a mustache.


Here at AspenClean we take health seriously. It’s why all our products are 100% natural and use only organic essential oils. We saw the effects of the chemical in the bodies of our friends, families and colleagues and chose to make a choice which valued their health and future.


So this November at AspenClean we want to support all of you who are choosing to fight for the health of the men in our lives. If you have created an account at the November Foundation website and have raised over $200 you will receive a one time discount for our products at 15% and AspenClean will match your purchase as a donation to the November Foundation. Before you order, email us at news@aspenclean.com


Check out our 100% natural cleaning products at this link to help rid your house and lives of the chemicals that can affect so many  others. Big thanks to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park for allowing us to use their space for photos.

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